A fantastic illumination will bring out the Christmas mood at various locations in Umeda, Osaka

A fantastic illumination will bring out the Christmas mood at various locations in Umeda, Osaka


A 10th Anniversary Christmas Celebration: A Christmas Tree inspired by a merry-go-round delivers a fantastical lighting show and romantic atmosphere

We all eagerly await its arrival every year: Christmas is just around the corner! Many families opt for overseas travel during the extended holidays, and Japan is often among people’s top choices. In large shopping malls in Japan, and especially in Osaka, great effort is put into the Christmas decorations to make Christmas shopping more fun, and to make some fun photo opportunities! At GRAND FRONT OSAKA's Christmas display, “GRAND WISH CHRISTMAS 2023Joyful Winter," you'll find a whimsical Christmas tree and an illumination inspired by a merry-go-round, which adds a touch of fantasy to the atmosphere. The Twin Towers of Umeda, Osaka will be decorated with a "Cosmic Feather ~Wings of Prayer~" light display, reminiscent of beautiful stars. In addition, you’ll find various events in Umeda held as a part of "UMEDA MEETS HEART 2023," an event with the theme “Meeting in Umeda, connecting hearts.” Don't miss out on the festive decorations at other shopping malls as well!

GRAND FRONT OSAKA will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary Christmas, based on a vision of “creating, together.” From November 9th (Thursday) to December 25th (Monday), the mall will host the "GRAND WISH CHRISTMAS 2023Joyful Winter~” event, to deliver a Christmas filed with smiles. In Knowledge Plaza, on the 1st floor of GRAND FRONT OSAKA's North Building, you'll encounter a massive Christmas tree, approximately 12 meters tall, inspired by a merry-go-round, known as the "Joyful-Go-Round Tree." The tree is sure to become a new Christmas symbol here. Meanwhile, the "Champagne Gold Illumination" will use some 230,000 LED bulbs to light up the trees around JR Osaka Station's Umekita Square in shimmering champagne gold, creating a romantic winter atmosphere.

Standing at a height of 12 meters, the enormous and enchanting “Joyful-Go-Round Tree” is sure to captivate onlookers!

In Knowledge Plaza, on the first floor of the North Building, you’ll find the enormous, approximately 12-meter-tall Joyful-Go-Round Tree, inspired by a merry-go-round. The tree’s surroundings are beautifully adorned, and because it will be set up in an open area, you’ll be able to come an enjoy the Christmas tree up close. You’ll also be able to take photos of the tree with other illuminations, or go up to a higher floor to enjoy the tree from a different angle.

Featuring a light show with wonderful lighting effects, Christmas music, and a central merry-go-round, the Joyful-Go-Round Tree will offer a wonderful experience.


Details on GRAND WISH CHRISTMAS 2023Joyful Winter~

 Event Dates: November 9, 2023 (Thursday) to December 25, 2023 (Monday)

Lighting Show Schedule :

Weekdays: 4:00 p.m. to midnight

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 3:00 p.m. to midnight

Location: GRAND FRONT OSAKA North Building, 1st Floor

Design/Direction: VELVETA DESIGN

Details on the Champagne Gold Illumination

Event Dates: November 9, 2023 (Thursday) to February 29, 2024 (Thursday)

Hours: From 5:00 p.m. to midnight

Location: Near Umekita Square, JR Osaka Station

Details: Approximately 230,000 LED bulbs will adorn 72 trees, illuminating the city in a shimmering champagne gold and bringing vibrant colors to the streets.

From November 22 to December 25, Osaka Umeda Twin Towers North will host the Christmas illumination event "Cosmic Feather ~Wings of Prayer~" on the 1st floor concourse. This illumination is designed to resemble a beautiful starry sky, where people's wishes take flight, showering the light of hope into the Christmas night sky. The "UMEDA MEETS HEART 2023” event, held in the Umeda, Osaka area, aims to create an emotional atmosphere for Christmas, while promoting the revitalization of the entire area. This event is centered around the theme of " Meeting in Umeda, connecting hearts." It will feature events like the Christmas concert "HEART MARCHE," an event to collect heartwarming messages called "HEART COLLECT," and an online stamp rally, "HEART RALLY." Together, these events will offer travelers the opportunity to fully enjoy winter in Osaka with a stroll around the Umeda area.

Details on Cosmic Feather ~Wings of Prayer~

Event Dates: November 22 (Wednesday) to December 25 (Monday)

Hours: From 10:00 a.m. to midnight (Starts at 4:00 p.m. on the first day)

Ends at 9:00 p.m. on the final day

Location: Osaka Umeda Twin Towers North, 1st Floor Concourse

Website: https://umedayuen.com/

Concept: An event through which to spend time with loved ones and convey feelings to those who are dear to us.

Here, people’s hopes and wishes for Christmas will take flight into the sky, turning into great, radiant wings. Showering the light of hope below, these wings carry the aspirations of even more people as they fly higher, becoming a symbol of the beautiful starry Christmas sky, continuing to shine their light.

Details on a 4th Winter Event: “UMEDA MEETS HEART 2023”

Event Dates: December 1, 2023 (Friday) to December 25, 2023 (Monday)

HEART MARCHE: December 8-10, 15-17

Location: Umeda Area

This year's "UMEDA MEETS HEART 2023" marks the 4th edition of this event, considered a winter tradition in the Umeda area. Centered around the motif of a heart, the event theme is, "Meeting in Umeda, connecting hearts." The aim is to showcase the best of the Umeda area through a variety of events, making it a beloved winter event here.

At the heart of the event is its first Christmas market, "HEART MARCHE," which aims to connect people's hearts through music and delicious food. You can also enjoy the heartwarming messages gathered at "HEART COLLECT," see heart decorations and illuminations at "HEART SPOT," and collect stamps while visiting these locations in the "HEART RALLY" for a chance to win prizes. All these activities will ensure an unforgettable Christmas experience!


Many of the shopping malls will put up decorations in preparation for Christmas, and events and illuminations will also be held at HANKYU SANBAN GAI’s “SANTA’S TOY FACTORY,” HEP FIVE’s “PARTY!,” NU Chayamachi’s “Warming Tree,” and HERBIS PLAZA/PLAZA ENT’s “HERBIS WINTER.” Be sure to include them in your travel plans on your Christmas visit to Umeda!

Details on the Umekita Christmas Event


Events Dates: December 1st (Friday) to December 25th (Monday)

Location: HANKYU SANBAN GAI North Building B2F Stage and various locations within the building

Details: Enjoy a playful world filled with moving Santa Clauses with intricate mechanisms, almost as if you've entered a toy box.


Event Dates: November 10th (Friday) to December 25th (Monday)

Location: HEP FIVE Front Entrance, 1F Information Area

Details: A live Christmas tree featuring large ornaments will be placed outside the entrance to HEP FIVE. This cheerful Christmas tree will come with an uplifting and festive "PARTY!" theme.

NU Chayamachi’s “Warming Tree

Events Dates: November 20th (Monday) to December 25th (Monday)

Location: NU Chayamachi Entrance and various locations within the building

Details: A Christmas tree standing at approximately 7 meters tall, adorned with around 7,000 lights, will sparkle with a warm, champagne gold ambiance. A display featuring a stove beneath the tree will provide a sense of warmth to passersby.


Event Dates: November 17th (Friday) to January 8th, 2024 (Monday)

Location: HERBIS PLAZA 1st Floor, Organ Plaza

Details: A cascade of 100 colors will flow in HERBIS’s Organ Plaza. It’s mysterious appearance makes it looks almost as if time has come to a standstill, beautiful and powerful, with its colors gracefully cascading. This year, a three-dimensional moiré effect will be created by regularly arranging and stacking thin lines on the display. Amidst the rhythmic flow of 100 colors, there stands a pure white tree.

If traveling to Osaka by bullet train, from Shin-Osaka Station you can access Osaka’s Umeda district by JR train or by taking the Midosuji Subway Line to Umeda station.
If you are traveling from Namba Station, take the Midosuji or Yotsubashi Subway Line to Umeda or Nishi-Umeda Station, or take the Hanshin Namba Line to Osaka-umeda Station.
From Kansai International Airport, you can reach Osaka Station in about one hour on the JR Airport Express Haruka.
For more details on how to get to Umeda, see here.

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