Exclusive benefits for guests staying at Respire Osaka! Get a discount and a gift to enjoy Osaka Umeda commercial facilities!


Redemption period: December 12, 2022 to March 31, 2023

Campaign overview: Receive a voucher from Respire Osaka, and show it to the information desk of applicable commercial facilities to receive a special coupon and a gift!

Step 1: Receive a voucher from Respire Osaka.
Step 2: Exchange the voucher for a 500yen coupon and a novelty gift at the information desk of one of the four commercial facilities marked with the mark below.

Step 3: Use the coupon for purchases of 3,000 yen or more (including tax) at stores in the following six facilities.
*This coupon is not valid in some stores.
Recommended stores for coupon use

Applicable facilities: Malls where you can use the coupon

1 Grand Front Osaka:(GFO)

A large-scale commercial complex that houses a variety of fashion and beauty shops, as well as refined restaurants, bars, and many other facilities. The Knowledge Capital, one of the core facilities in the North Wing, is an intellectual creation base that aims to produce new ideas and value through the fusion of industries. In addition, various events are held at Umekita Square.

Novelty gift…Original tote bag



A commercial facility consisting of two buildings in the vicinity of Hanshin Osaka-Umeda Station. There are flagship stores of world-class luxury brands and restaurants where you can dine in a calm relaxing atmosphere. It also has entertainment facilities: you can enjoy performances of Japan’s largest theater group, Shiki Theatre Company, at Osaka Shiki Theatre, and various musical experiences at Billboard Live Osaka. Spend a splendid time in a glittering space for adults.

Novelty gift…Erasable ball-point pen (FRIXION)


3 Diamor Osaka:

Inspired by an Italian townscape, this shopping mall has a galleria filled with an abundance of natural light and wide pedestrian aisles. You can enjoy shopping comfortably in the elegant and spacious mall where marble stones are used generously. The mall also provides good access to nearby facilities as it is integrated in public underground passageways that interconnect transportation facilities.


4 NU chayamachi / NU chayamachi PLUS:

This complex facility is located in Chayamachi, a stylish area bustling with young people in the northeast of Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station. Approximately 75 stores of a wide range of genres are gathered in the nine-story NU chayamachi and the three-story NU chayamachi PLUS buildings. Based on the concept of new playful adulthood, this facility includes fashionable select shops, interior shops, furniture shops, and many more. It also houses plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from when you need a little break from shopping.



A shopping center with about 250 stores, directly connected to Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station and adjacent to Hankyu Highway Bus Osaka-umeda Terminal There are shops of various genres such as fashion, hobbies, and home interiors, and plenty of restaurants on the gourmet floors and in the food hall where you can indulge yourself in delicious meals. Umecha-koji / Hankyu Kosho-no-Machi, which is lined with antiquarian bookstores and antique stores, is a space adorned with traditional Japanese muntins, evoking the essence of a Japanese aesthetic. Find your own way of enjoying the area depending on your mood and purpose.

Novelty gift…Lucky cat hand towel



An integrated mall in the middle of Umeda, marked by a red Ferris wheel with a 75-meter diameter.

This commercial complex located in the middle of Umeda features a red Ferris wheel with a 75-meter diameter. The stores showcase the latest fashions, attracting a trend-sensitive crowd of mainly young people. There are also plenty of character goods shops, in addition to anime and comic goods shops. Enjoy shopping and the Ferris wheel overlooking the city of Osaka.

Novelty gift…Masking tape


(1) A voucher can be redeemed once.

(2) A 500 yen discount will be offered for purchases of 3,000 yen or more upon showing the coupon.

(3) Check the reverse side of the coupon for the terms of use.

(4) Gifts vary depending on where you redeem the voucher. Distribution of the gift will end when all the items are gone.

(5) This special offer is only for foreign tourists.

(6) Kindly be informed that the content of this service is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

(7) Please show your passport at an information desk.

(8) This coupon can be converted by one person once per day.


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3 Diamor Osaka

4 NU Chayamachi / NU Chayamachi PLUS