Where to visit after Namba/Shinsaibashi? How about some stylish shopping in Umeda?


Though the shopping areas of Namba & Shinsaibashi are popular with young people, Osaka has many other attractive areas, too!
Be sure to check them out on your trip as well.

What are Osaka's two areas, Kita (north) and Minami (south) like?

Osaka is home to two areas, known as "Kita" (north) and "Minami" (south).
Visitors from overseas often visit the Minami area, which includes Shinsaibashi, Namba, Dotonbori, and Shin-Sekai.
Minami is so named because it's located towards the south of Osaka City, and the area includes department stores, shopping arcades, street-level shops from international brands, the Amerika-mura ("American Village") area with its trendy shops, and the comedy theater Namba Grand Kagetsu. Dotonbori, which is well-known as a photo spot, is also in this area.
In general, the area is lively and popular with young people, and has a vibrant nightlife.
There are many shops where you can enjoy takoyaki, Osaka's soul food, along Dotonbori, so be sure to try some.

In walking distance from Dotonbori's famous Glico sign, you can find sushi and other fresh seafood eating options in Kuromon Market, too.

The Kita area, on the other hand, has its own different, unique style. You can visit the Kita area by traveling just about 10 minutes on the subway from the Minami area.
Kita is a business area, more popular with adults.
The Kita area has a sophisticated atmosphere, as people living in high-class residential areas in the Kansai region, such as Ashiya, Nishinomiya, Takarazuka, and Hokusetsu all commute to the city center here.

In the area's central station, Hankyu Osaka-umeda, you'll find posters everywhere for the Takarazuka Revue, which is operated by the Hankyu Group, also responsible for the development of the Kita area. The Takarazuka posters can even be said to contribute to the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of the area.

Even as it's a base for business in Osaka, the Kita area is also an attractive place for shopping. The areas around JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Osaka-umeda station are among the largest shopping areas in Japan, including some of the greatest concetrations of brands in Japan, the largest area of department store space in Japan, and the area even boasts the second largest total sales in Japan.

Be sure to check out the sophisticated and high quality fashion in the areas that attracts so many stylish and fashion-conscious customers. There are also plenty of relaxing cafés and dining spots where you can take a break from shopping.

How to get to the "Kita" area from "Minami"

From the Midosuji Line on the Osaka Metro, travel for 9 minutes from Namba Station to Umeda Station.
It takes seven minutes from Shinsaibashi Statin to Umeda Station.
By taxi, this distance should cost between 1,500 and 2,000 yen.

Why using the Kita area as the base for your Kansai travels is reccomended

Kyoto, Kobe, and other people sightseeing areas are easy to access from the Kita area, making it a convenient location and hub for the whole Kansai area.

>From Kita Osaka to Kyoto
・Hankyu: Osaka-umeda Station to Kyoto-kawaramachi Station (about 43 minutes by limited express, 400 yen one way)
・JR: Osaka Station to Kyoto Station (approx. 30 minutes by Special Rapid Service, 570 yen one way)
・Hanshin: Yodoyabashi Station to Gion-Shijo Station (approx. 48 minutes by limited express, 420 yen one way)

>From Kita Osaka to Hyogo
・Hankyu: Osaka-umeda Station to Kobe Sannomiya Station (about 30 minutes by limited express, 320 yen one way)
・Hanshin: Osaka-Umeda Station to Kobe Sannomiya Station (about 30 minutes by limited express, 320 yen one way)
・JR: Osaka Station to Sannomiya Station (approx. 30 minutes by rapid train, 410 yen one way)

In addition to its convenient location, the Kita area also has many high-class hotels.
It's perfect for enjoying an elegant hotel stay.

Recommended spots in the Kita area!

While the Kita area has many unique shopping facilities, we especially want to introduce you to these six.


Directly connected to Osaka Station, GRAND FRONT OSAKA is one of the largest shopping centers in Western Japan. Its many shops cover all areas of your lifestyles needs, from clothing, to dining, to the home, to knowledge.


HANKYU SANBAN GAI is located just beside the boarding location for the airport bus, making it the perfect facility at which to enjoy some shopping at the very end of your trip. The food court, where you can casually grab some Japanese food to enjoy on your busy travels, and the shops with cute Japanese characters, are very popular.


With the large ferris wheel overlooking the city atop the building, HEP FIVE is an Osaka landmark. Inside, a lot of entertainment and fashion awaits!


These malls include high-end international brands, fashion boutiques, select shops, unforgettable food and hospitality in their 140 shops.

NU chayamachi / NU chayamachi +

Shop while enjoying a walk around the Chayamachi area, where the fashionable gather. There are also many events and food options.

Diamor Osaka

Diamor Osaka is a mall that is constantly evolving, offering high quality and high design fashion, products, and information. You can comfortably enjoy shopping in the impressive interior space that uses plenty of marble, including wide aisles, and the Galleria walkway where the outside light shines through.

In addition to shopping, the Kita area also has many scenic and historical sightseeing spots.


Umeda Sky Building is one of Osaka's landmarks. The view from the observatory in the sky has a spectacular view looking out over 360 degrees. The nighttime scenery is of course wonderful, but please also pay attention to the incredible "starry skies" recreated on the sky walk beneath your feet. The building's modern design itself is one of its popular points, too.


Nakazaki-cho is an area lined with retro machiya townhouses, unique shops, boutiques, and cafés. It's particularly popular for its relaxed atmosphere, despite being in the middle of the city.

The Kita area has a slightly different sense than the Minami area. If you're visiting Osaka, be sure to visit both!

*Due to the influence of current societal conditions, some shops may have different business hours.

*Information in this article is accurate as of the date of posting. There is a possibility that details regarding these products and services have changed, or that some shops have since closed.


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