The Ultimate Entertainment Spot in Umeda is HEP FIVE🎡: A Whole Day of Fun Recommended Spot Guide



“Where to go in Umeda? Let's head to HEP FIVE!”

梅田 遊ぶところ
When it comes to popular gathering spots for Generation Z in Umeda, HEP FIVE🎡 located just beside Umeda Station immediately springs to mind. This trendy location offers the staple shopping and Ferris wheel attractions but also hosts quirky cafés and fortune-telling spots known only to a select few, as well as the latest buzzworthy locations set to OPEN soon. HEP FIVE is an ever-evolving hotspot accessible from anywhere via JR, Hankyu, or the subway, and its nearness to the train station is definitely a plus! You can play to your heart's content without worrying about the time till nightfall. After-school hangouts, holidays, sightseeing trips – let's all gather at the trendy mecca, HEP FIVE~♡


First stop: Try your luck with crane games at the arcade💪

梅田 ゲームセンターThe first location is 'BANDAI NAMCO Cross Store,' which recently opened its door in March 2023. The 8th floor is filled with character merchandise and capsule toys launched by each group of BANDAI NAMCO, and there's a game corner where you can enjoy crane games and more!

梅田 クレーンゲーム"I love snacks, so I really want to win this~!"
Quickly, Momo-chan tried her hand at the potato chip's crane game🌟. Each crane game stand has tips on how to grab the prize, making it beginner-friendly!
Sadly, she couldn't catch any, but the paramount beauty of the crane games is that you can have fun with your friends either way!大阪 梅田 クレーンゲーム“I won't give up... let’s try this one now!”
The mini crane games that allow three play times with 100 yen are filled with sweets loved by children and adults alike! As a big fan of plum-flavored sweets, she decided to have a rematch with the individually wrapped honey plums crane game. How will the result be...?大阪 梅田 バンダイナムコ“Wahoo! It turned out that I managed to win two prizes!🙌 ”
An overwhelmed Momo-chan immediately tries a bite of her prize♡
This amusement facility is perfect for fun times not just with friends, but also for couples' dates and family outings!


Capture your memories in PURIKURA (sticker photos)

梅田 プリクラTaking purikura (sticker photos) is a must for girls when visiting the arcade♡ 'eggnam' on the 9th floor is one of the largest purikura specialty shops in the world with roughly 40 printing sticker machines!梅田 プリクラ コスプリ コスプレBefore taking the purikura, check out the cosplay rental corner! With over 50 types of costumes, including maid outfits, school uniforms, plus accessories and hair irons available for rent, you can dress in your dream cosplay outfit!🌟 There's also a powder room equipped with a dressing mirror with actress lights available for makeup touch-ups, making it an ideal place for high school and college students to enjoy their after-school fashion adventures.大阪 梅田 プリ機

梅田 プリ機“What pose should I do~?”
Delight in a sneak peek of Momo-chan's solo purikura photoshoot♡

人気 プリ機

Behold the adorable finished purikura!

Embark on a journey in the sky with Umeda's trademark Ferris wheel🎡


One cannot miss the striking red Ferris wheel integrated with the building of HEP FIVE from afar – a true landmark of Umeda. Its uniqueness right in the center of the city has made it a popular tourist attraction for international visitors!🎡 Once you purchase tickets in front of the Ferris wheel boarding area on the 7th floor, you're ready to go! Let's soar into the sky!

梅田 観覧車

Since the gondola comes with a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream your favorite music from your mobile device.


“It's so much fun to be up high!”
The peak goes as high as 106m! Momo-chan reveals her utmost excitement⤴ while enjoying the view of Umeda's spectacular scenery from a 360° panoramic view. No matter where you point your camera in the Ferris wheel gondola, it's sure to be a photogenic spot!

Ferris Wheel Ticket Sales Area

For both the sweet and savory tooth: Wrap up your day at the café ☕

ニコカフェ 梅田

After a full day of fun, it's time to relax at a café.🧡 Nestled at the back of 'niko and...' where we shopped earlier, 'niko and ... COFFEE' is a hidden café located near the back of HEP FIVE.

梅田 穴場 カフェ“There are so many items on the menu, it's hard to choose~!”
Besides coffee, the café is rich in dessert drinks and a hearty food menu perfect for both lunch and café time. It exudes a homely ambiance that encourages delightfully relaxed moments.

梅田 おしゃれ カフェ
Their smoothies topped with plenty of whipped cream come in 6 variations! Among the extensive range of chocolate and fruit options, the most popular choice is the Chocolate Berry Smoothie! The sweet and sour combination of berries and chocolate has made multiple fans smitten... 🍹

梅田 カフェ ゆっくりWhen hunger kicks in, opt for the 'Nico Pan’ - soft, fluffy bread filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. Among the savory options, the "hires katsu tartar", featuring a tasty and healthy hire-katsu pork cutlet with creamy tartar sauce is highly recommended for power-charging!HEP FIVE / 1F
niko and ... 

*Information in this article is accurate as of the date of posting. There is a possibility that details regarding these products and services have changed, or that some shops have since closed.


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