Enjoy spring to the fullest! Keeping up with Osaka’s spring fashion: cherry blossom viewing items, popular gourmet food, and in-fashion outfits!


Winter is over and spring has arrived, and spring in Japan is full of energy. The most anticipated cherry blossom season is coming soon. Juts walking under a cherry blossom tree can fill you with joy. Spring vegetables and fresh seafood are popular during this season, too, when the earth is reviving. In this article, we’ll take a look at popular restaurants recommended in the Umeda, Osaka area - and also tell you about the latest spring fashion trends. Read on, and stay one step ahead of the fashion curve in Osaka, Japan!

How to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Osaka in spring

The Umeda area, known as the epicenter of fashion, has good access not only to shopping malls, but also to many famous spots for cherry blossoms, including Osaka Castle Park, Kema Sakuranomiya Park, and Ogimachi Park. When the blossoms are in full bloom, their beauty is unforgettable. Plus, many events are held outdoors in spring, making it a great season to experience the beauty of Osaka.

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Things you need to know before cherry blossom viewing

1. The best time to see cherry blossoms varies from place to place, but in general, late March to early April is the best time to see cherry blossoms in full bloom in Osaka. Don't forget to check the local weather and cherry blossom forecast before you head out.

2. Some basic preparations for a walk and cherry blossom viewing:
・Prep for chilly weather: The temperatures in March and April can be colder than you expect. It can get cold, especially at night when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, so you’ll want some warm clothing. Handwarmers (“kairo”) are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for bringing with you for outdoor activities.
・Hygiene: Enjoying sweets and snacks while you take in the cherry blossoms can be blissful, but don't forget to prepare wet wipes and hand gels in advance to keep everybody healthy and hygenic.

Items you’ll need when you go cherry blossom viewing

Cocokara Fine

Cocokara Fine has 1,400 stores across Japan, and offers not only various products including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, but also delivery services through online shopping. The store’s variety of natural organic skincare products at affordable prices deserve special mention, and some products that can usually only be obtained at beauty salons are also gaining popularity.

Cocokara Fine's philosophy is “to seek new experiences, continue to discover new things, create beauty, maintain health, and pursue a happy life,” and the store is committed to providing total care from inside and outside.

In the chilly spring season, it’s important to be prepared for the cold before heading outside. Cocokara Fine offers lightweight blankets and foldable jackets to protect you from the wind and the cold and make outings more comfortable. You can also find get snacks that are easy to carry around, like chocolate, rice crackers, and pickled plums, to make your cherry blossom viewing more fun!

Floor: South Building 1F
Business Hours: 9:00-22:00

Floor: North Building B1F
Business Hours: 9:00-21:00


MUJIcom is a brand in the MUJI Ryohin Group, and you can find most of their stores in subway stations and areas with a lot of traffic, where people can easily shop in places they visit frequently. MUJIcom also aims to be everyone’s most well-known MUJI shop.

MUJIcom stores are small, and product selection is extremely precise. Clothing, food, and everyday products are carefully selected from a wide range of MUJI products. The shop focuses on supporting everyday in their own unique day-to-day, with items and gifts for use at home or work.

With the arrival of spring, stores start offering a variety of goods for outdoor activities. Products to help with cleanliness, like wet wipes and disposable masks help to keep everybody safe and healthy outside.

Floor: South Building 1F
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00

Mall: Diamor Osaka
Floor: Fashionable Street
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00

Satisfy your heart and your stomach! Enjoying springtime in Umeda to the fullest

Enjoy spring in Japan with some gourmet food! It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the flavors of spring in the warm sunshine and with a pleasant breeze. Here are some famous gourmet restaurants in the Umeda area, and restaurants you need to try while you’re in Osaka.

Abundant spring seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables

Spring brings with it plenty of vegetables! In Japan, typical spring vegetables include bamboo shoots, rapeseed flowers, celery, potatoes, burdock root, and Chinese cabbage. These spring-harvested vegetables are rich in nutritional value from the earth.

But spring is also a season rich in seafood, and in particular, you can enjoy exquisite flavors such as bonito (dried fish flakes), sakura shrimp, clams, Japanese bream, black sea bream, Japanese halfbeak, and whitebait.

Make the most of spring ingredients! Restaurants worth trying

Tempura specialty store Ginza Tenichi

Founded in 1930, this long-established Tokyo style store boasts a history of over 94 years. It’s deeply loved by many cultural figures both in Japan and overseas for its delicious tempura and impressive hospitality. Ginza Tenichi’s Honten store has welcomed honored guests from all over the world, including the President of the United States.

The Osaka store, like the main location, offers a relaxed atmosphere, and in the open kitchen, customers can enjoy tempura fried fresh on the spot. Ingredients are selected carefully and change according to the seasons, carefully prepared until they’re ready for your plate. The chefs working at the counter fry the delicious tempura in keeping with the pace at which customers eat. Tenichi is a famous restaurant for tempura in Japan, where you can taste the best in each kind of tempura.

Floor: 5F
Business Hours: 11:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:30), 17:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:00)


musi-vege+café is a paradise for vegetable lovers.

Musi-vege+café, which offers simple and balanced meals, is very popular among women in particular, with its focus on diverse and nutritious vegetables, protein-rich main dishes, and homemade homestyle meals.

Popular side dishes here include steamed seasonal vegetables, 16-grain rice, and soy milk soup. Tofu burgers, spicy shrimp, and fried chicken are particularly popular as main dishes. The tofu burger is delicious with its fluffy texture, and the spicy shrimp has an incredible, rich flavor of the sea. The soy milk soup is a mellow cream soup full of vegetables. Every dish is known for being not only healthy, but delicious.

In addition to meals, musi-vege-café serves high-quality black tea and 10 varieties of careful selected herbal tea, which you can enjoy relaxing in the spacious interior.

Mall: Diamor Osaka
Floor: Variety Street
Business Hours: 10:00-22:00


CRISP SALAD WORKS is a custom salad specialty store where you can enjoy high-quality, filling salads made by hand one by one. CRISP SALAD WORKS has 22 stores, mainly in Tokyo, and HANKYU SANBAN GAI’s is the first store to open in Osaka.

Customize your salad by choosing your favorite combination from about 30 types of toppings, including seasonal ingredients from time to time, vegetables like romaine lettuce delivered every day from contract farmers, and chicken cooked at the store every morning. All the vegetables are finely chopped, so you can enjoy the flavors of all the ingredients and the dressing together in one bite.

In addition to salads, there are over 15 different menu items, including seasonal seasonal salads bowls with wild rice. Each product has a volume of about 300-450g, so it's a restaurant that satisfies both health and appetite!

Floor: North Building 1F
Business Hours: 11:00-22:00

Pin down the latest spring fashion trends!

Get on top of the latest spring trends, update your style with gorgeous floral patterns and gentle colors, and enjoy some of the freshest spring fashion. Let's welcome spring in style with some shoes and clothing for spring.

3 elements to make the perfect spring outfit

1. Incorporate the fresh colors of spring
Use light colors, such as pink or floral patterns, choose light-toned coats and accessories, and combine them with a fresh white or beige base to enhance the spring vibe.

2. Use light and transparent material that gives a natural impression
Light, transparent fabrics are perfect for spring when it begins to warm up. Cotton, linen, chiffon, and so on are good options for this. Making good use of this kind of floaty material will make for a sophisticated look that’s perfectly in line with the spring season.

3. Prepare for changing temps with knitwear or light outerwear
Spring temperatures can fluctuate easily, so lightweight spring jackets and knitwear are a must. Not only do these look stylish, but they also help protect you from the cold.

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“I'll keep changing. But my spark won’t.”

re_dot. is a clothing brand popular among young women, suggesting an image of an elegant woman with a relaxed attitude, while skillfully incorporating the latest urban trends to blend into everyday life.

“FASHION = a way of expressing individuality.” Fashion is a form of self-declaration. Each item and accessory, from tops, dresses, pants, suits, and hats, has an air of cuteness, and is unique in its materials, cuts, and designs. Items pair together softly express an individuality and femininity.

This short open knit sweater is perfect for spring, and the shoulder opening design creates an elegant, feminine look. It's an item you can easily coordinate!

Also, hooded tops are perfect for this season and give a clean look. The waist cut and elastic belt design not only add comfort and look clean, but also make the legs look longer, for a casual and feminine vibe.

Floor: B1F
Business Hours: 11:00-22:00

Pretty Ballerinas

During the pleasant spring season, flats suitable for long walks are a must.

The Spanish brand Pretty Ballerinas, which specializes in ballet flats, is headquartered in Menorca, Spain. As the name suggests, Pretty Ballerinas is loved by fashionistas worldwide for its sweet and romantic style, comfortable fit, and exquisite design that enhances beautiful legs.

The elegant and beautiful pointed toe is characteristic of ballet shoes, and you can see just such a style in the popular classic model “ELLA.” The shoe is graceful, translucent, and decorated with sparkling dots. The toe and strap are made of the most delicate goat leather, which is smooth to the touch, creates a feminine feel, and makes walking lighter.

The newly designed “KRISTEN” is an striking square toed ballet shoe with a tight front toe that combines comfort and elegance. The exterior is made of smooth, high-grade sheep leather, features a strap adorned with jewels, and has a V-shaped cut at the ankle, to beautify the foot.

Floor: B2F
Business Hours: 11:00-20:00


Freed from heavy clothing, the season to welcome spring has arrived. Spring items are plentiful at ROPE PICNIC, and emphasis is placed on natural, casual, and simple styles, perfect for us to change our everyday outfits to light spring fashion styles with different materials and colors.

“Life is a Picnic”, says ROPE PICNIC. This clothing brand is both “proper” and “cute,” combining French tastes with other trends, turning the everyday into a place full of adventure, fun, and positive energy. The textures and cuts sold here are comparable to luxury custom-made clothing, making fashion fun, and making every day as delightful as a picnic.

The brand is especially popular amongst women aged 30 to 50, and you can find items suitable for a variety of occasions. No matter your height or body type, you're sure to find clothes that suit you at ROPE PICNIC.

Floor: South Building B1F
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00

Mall: Diamor Osaka
Floor: Fashionable Street
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00

If traveling to Osaka by bullet train, from Shin-Osaka Station you can access Osaka’s Umeda district by JR train or by taking the Midosuji Subway Line to Umeda station.
If you are traveling from Namba Station, take the Midosuji or Yotsubashi Subway Line to Umeda or Nishi-Umeda Station, or take the Hanshin Namba Line to Osaka-umeda Station.
From Kansai International Airport, you can reach Osaka Station in about one hour on the JR Airport Express Haruka.
For more details on how to get to Umeda, see here.

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*Information in this article is accurate as of the date of posting. There is a possibility that details regarding these products and services have changed, or that some shops have since closed.


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