Enjoy Stylish Sips in Umeda, Osaka 🍸 Unwind at TAMLO for a Sophisticated Moment.


"Wait, you can drink at HEP FIVE too!? 😲" Yes, that's right! Surprisingly, on the 7th floor at "TAMLO" and the "OSAKA Takoyaki Market" on the 1st floor within HEP FIVE, there are shops with an extensive alcohol menu! After shopping, enjoy some stylish drinks unique to HEP FIVE for a casual drinking experience ❤️

Four Hidden Gems for a Chic Boozy Time That Might Just Get You Tipsy... ❤️

ちょい飲み お酒 cafe&ber Hush

Did you know some shops at HEP FIVE serve alcohol on their menu? Whether you become a regular at your favorite spot or wander around sipping on Instagram-worthy cocktails and sours, it's all good. And of course, there are non-alcoholic sours and mocktails for teens to enjoy an adult-like experience, so everyone, gather at HEP FIVE!

ちょい飲み お酒 たこ家道頓堀くくる

Savoring Cocktails at a Wine Bar 🍷 "cafe&ber Hush"

ちょい飲み お酒 cafe&ber Hush

During the day, enjoy photogenic sweets in an interior reminiscent of a Parisian bakery at "cafe&ber Hush." Starting from 18:00, it transforms into a wine bar offering easy-to-drink cocktails and food that perfectly complements drinks, even for those who don't usually drink!

ちょい飲み お酒 cafe&ber Hush

(cafe&ber Hush / HEP FIVE 7F)

A cocktail with a blend of vodka and Cointreau mixed with cranberry juice, known for its berry-like sweet and sour flavor and refreshing taste. With flowers floating on the water surface and a logo engraved on the coaster, it's definitely Instagram-worthy from any angle ❤️

ちょい飲み お酒 cafe&ber Hush

American Lemonade
cafe&ber Hush / HEP FIVE 7F)

An adult lemonade with lemonade and red wine, garnished with a crescent-shaped lemon. Enjoy the beautiful two-layer visual before stirring it up with the provided stirrer!

The Cream Soda That Makes You Want to Become a Fan🍒 "TAKOYA DOUTONBORI KUKURU"

ちょい飲み お酒 たこ家道頓堀くくる たこやき

"TAKOYA DOUTONBORI KUKURU," located in Dotonbori, offers the authentic taste of fluffy and soft Osaka-style takoyaki! The "Colorful Cream Soda" is popular among visitors coming to Osaka for concerts and events. People are taking pictures of takoyaki and star photos side by side♡

ちょい飲み お酒 たこ家道頓堀くくる たこやき

Adult Colorful Cream Soda

A colorful sour topped with jelly, ice cream, and a cherry! In addition to the menu's lineup of purple, pink, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange, white Calpis soda flavor and black cola flavor can also be made upon request ❤️ Alcohol-free options are available!

Sour Drinks Perfect with Rich Takoyaki 🍍 "abeno takoyaki yamachan"

ちょい飲み お酒 あべの たこ焼き やまちゃん たこやき

At "abeno takoyaki yamachan," famous for its flavorful takoyaki made with a secret broth, enjoy a refreshing plum sour or drink that perfectly complements their takoyaki. Don't miss out on this perfect pairing!

ちょい飲み お酒 あべの たこ焼き やまちゃん たこやき

Nankou Ume Apple Vinegar Chu-hi 
(abeno takoyaki yamachan / HEP FIVE 1F)

A refreshing apple vinegar chu-hi topped with Nankou plums from Wakayama Prefecture! The combination of apple vinegar and umeboshi creates a doubly sweet and sour taste that complements the rich flavor of takoyaki.

ちょい飲み お酒 あべの たこ焼き やまちゃん たこやき

Ume Apple Vinegar Soda 
(abeno takoyaki yamachan / HEP FIVE 1F)

This non-alcoholic drink mixes ume and apple vinegar with soda. Garnished with plenty of cut pineapple to add a fruity touch, it's an easy-to-drink delight.

Experience the Taste of a Real Bar Sitting at the Counter 🍸 "MOON and BACK"

ちょい飲み お酒 MOON and BACK

At the heart of "TAMLO" is the counter-style cafe bar "MOON and BACK." Enjoy shaking your own mocktails or choose from a variety of alcohol options, along with sweet treats like canelés and parfaits.

ちょい飲み お酒 MOON and BACK


A mojito with the refreshing aroma of lime and mint that lingers in your nose, simple yet a classic cocktail 🍃 Its refreshing flavor with a hint of sweetness makes it a popular choice for the first drink of the evening!

ちょい飲み お酒 MOON and BACK

Gummy XOXO

An original mocktail with a fruity taste combining guava, muscat, and green apple flavors. Its appearance, topped with colorful jelly, is absolutely adorable ❤️

*Information in this article is accurate as of the date of posting. There is a possibility that details regarding these products and services have changed, or that some shops have since closed.


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