Money-Saving Sales in Osaka, Umeda & How to Catch Sales in Japan


You're probably looking forward to doing a bit of shopping on your trip to Japan. If you're going to be buying things, you'd probably like to aim for the seasons with lower prices. To help you out, we've put together information on the sales Osaka's Umeda, one of the largest shopping areas in Japan. We've also posted dining coupons for the Umeda area!

When do Japanese businesses put on big sales?

In Japan, the biggest sales are held in summer and winter. Each of the seasons bring a large change in climate in Japan, so in summer, there are sales on summer clothing, and in winter the winter clothes go on sale to sell off the remaining products. There are some pretty big discounts, too! Many Japanese people look forward to these sales periods, because many companies in Japan give their employees bonuses during these periods. They're always bustling seasons for the shopping malls.
Summer sales begin at the end of June, and in winter the sales start in early January. Both usually last for about one to two weeks.
Even after these sales have ended, there are often deep discounts during the clearance sales that follow!
If you're looking to grab some of the most popular items, it's best to go shopping early during the sale, but if you're looking to find the deepest discounts, go shopping a little later on.

What kind of sales are there?

Most sales are for clothing, and there's a tendency for the trendiest clothes to be deeply discounted.
Expensive items like bags, coats, shoes, and more are also put on sale. Sales are perfect for finding higher quality, long-lasting items that you can afford.
It's rare for cosmetics to go on sale, but can't-miss discounted seasonal items like Christmas boxes do appear, too.

When it comes to New Years' bargains, you can't miss the "fukubukuro" Lucky Bags! So what is a Lucky Bag?

In Japan, many businesses hold their first sales on January 2nd.
The "fukubukuro" Lucky Bags are the centerpiece of the first sales of the year.
You won't be able to see what's inside a Lucky Bag until you've bought one, but the bags are extremely popular because the items they contain are often much more expensive than the price of the Lucky Bag.
In recent years, transparent Lucky Bags have also started to appear and create a buzz. Some people also buy Lucky Bugs together with their family or friends, and exchange the items inside.
If you have a favorite brand, see if you can get one of their Lucky Bags!

Special events coinciding with sales in Osaka, Umeda

In Hankyu Sanban-gai, visitors can see traditional Japanese lion dances.
It's a powerful dance that you'll definitely want to catch a glimpse of!

Location: Mainly on the B1 floor of the Minami-kan building

Enjoy low prices with coupons, too

After all this shopping, you're bound to be feeling a bit hungry! After all this walking, you'll probably want a rest! When this happens, take a look at some of the cafés and restaurants inside the shopping malls. We also offer money-saving coupons!

*Information in this article is accurate as of the date of posting. There is a possibility that details regarding these products and services have changed, or that some shops have since closed.


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